About Us

Global JBS is a professional, boutique style, housing bureau that works with many different types of sporting events and organizations throughout the country. We provide event planning, online registration and housing services across the country for many organizations, sporting events and conferences. We understand that no two events are alike and we can customize our services to best fill the need of your organization along with your attendees.

We provide your events with a ‘hands on’ personalized service as a facilitator to make sure your event runs efficiently. We have the resources available to arrange all aspects of your program. Special Events, Meetings, Unique Site Selections, Special Receptions and any on/off-site venues that you may need. We provide Sports Event Planning Services as needed including assistance with site selections; as well as partnering with local Sports Commissions and Convention & Visitor Bureaus.

JBS has established a reputation for providing quality and service. Our skills, experience, resourcefulness and willingness to listen to our client’s needs are what set us apart when creating the ultimate event, regardless of the size! We eliminate the hours of planning and negotiating which enables you to focus your priorities on your group.

The Global JBS has over 40+ years of experience, so we know how to leverage your needs with a multitude of partnerships that will benefit your event financially, in growth and accountability!!

Our goal is to create long-term partnerships that allow us to work with you in building a mutually beneficial relationship.

JBS has a dedicated commitment to work as your partner in providing you the insight and cost effective solutions to ensure a successful event!

Our highly experienced staff tends to all the details that make our service personable and efficient.

We are confident that along with our website; our user friendly on-line reservation system and work ethics will enhance the participation of your events to meet your objectives.