Our Services

Our Services

Using JBS is like having a full-time staff available at no additional cost to you or your attendees. We put our entire JBS team behind you with extraordinary effort that makes your multi-event needs simple and hassle free. Once we set up your event in our online database and have opened the link to begin processing reservations, attendees can reserve their hotel rooms/special events directly online 24/7. Our website is also Smartphone compatible.

Event Planning

Venue selections; hotel negotiations; onsite registrations and working in total partnership for over the past decade with our clients has allowed us to put on some of the largest events in the world while still maintaining a personalized feel to your attendees.


JBS works with all corporate hotel chains which puts us in a great position for negotiating the lowest hotel rates for your guests.

JBS is linked to all contracted hotels providing direct access to all reservations with real-time reporting capabilities. Room lists are processed directly online in a secure environment offering hoteliers the capability of uploading directly into their reservation system.

Custom Website and Online Registration

  • Description of event
  • Direct links with area attractions
  • Area map listing the various hotels with distance to the venue
  • Discounted rental car links and airfare links if necessary
  • A list of participating hotels including their photo’s, amenities, room types, group discounted rates and policies
  • Team blocks/individual reservations are processed through a ‘user friendly and secure’ online reservation system
  • Team leader log-in with capability of uploading room list directly into our database and real-time reporting of reservations
  • Event producer log-in with real-time reporting of reservations and accounting


Event producers have the ability to log into their secure portal which displays real-time reporting of actual reservation pick up as well as details lists of which teams are blocked.

JBS will collect detailed information from each participant which is then compiled into a report – an invaluable tool for your organization when planning future events and providing the local Convention & Visitors Bureau/Sports Commission the true economic impact for the city.


JBS believes in the power of sports and the opportunity it brings in creating new friends/partnerships. We play a significant role in the growth of events because of the added value our services offer to the owner of each event.
Our client list is quite diversified. We form partnerships with local Sports Commissions/CVB’s to provide cohesive relationships with event owners resulting in a win-win for everyone!

Our ability to work as a team not only within the hospitality industry (hoteliers and national car companies) but also with our existing and new clients strengthens our “housing” position in the world of sports. JBS enjoys a successful track record which makes us an enviable partner in the sport market.


JBS provides transportation options if necessary for events.