Customer Service at its Best!

“Thank you so much Allyson. I would love to know who your supervisor is, so I can write to let him/her know what an AWESOME JOB you’re doing.  Your customer service (response time!) is the best I’ve received from anyone in a LONG TIME.  I appreciate your thorough helpfulness and hope your boss knows how great you are. Thanks again” – Lisa

“OMG Janelle thank you so much. I have to say I have worked with another Travel Group for other tournaments over the years. You and Allyson has been the greatest.  I appreciate everything you have done.”  -Michelle

“Great!! I really appreciate all of your help with our reservations.  Working with you was so easy and a whole lot better than the other travel company we worked with for a few of our other competitions. Thank you sooooo much!!” -Caitlyn

Judy B. Spring


Judy, I definitely appreciate the partnership with Global JBS and enjoy working with your team. You have a Fantastic team! Looking forward to many more opportunities as well…! Take care!
Wajih Allam, Sales Manager, DUNES MANOR HOTEL & SUITES!!

Sharon Anderson

Sports Event Planner

Thank you so much and it has been my pleasure to work with Vicky, Sharon and Joanne!  You are an incredible team! Grateful and Thankful, Toni, JW Marriott Palm Desert

Vicky Vassalotti

Event Coordinator

I really do appreciate all you do for USA Field hockey. It’s got to be crazy for you every time there’s a USAFH event. We’ve been doing this for at least 7 years and my experience with you has always been great. Thank you!

Trina King

Event Manager

Trina: You are awesome!  Thank you!  It has been wonderful working with you this season. …

Thanks and Cheers! Heather Petz, Champion Cheer Central, Inc.

Joanne Marcus

Event Coordinator

Thanks for everything… It was a pleasure to finally meet you this weekend.
 R/ Keith 

Jessi Sleek

Team Block Coordinator

Jessi, Can I request you to be our travel arrangements coordinator every year? :)Thank you for your AWESOME help! –Devin

Victoria Valderrama

Contracting & Accounts Receivable

I also wanted to say how pleased I am with your company, I wish every housing group takes notes from you guys and learn how to get the job well done!

Amazing efficiency, customer service, reservations booked so far in advance,  EVERYTHING!!! It’s been a pleasure working with you guys! Maria Nisavic Sales Manager HYATT PLACE SARASOTA BRADENTON

Allyson DeLuca

Reservations Coordinator

Allyson, I must say myself that I haven’t had this kind of response in a while*** You ROCK ALLYSON!!!!! I LOVE YOUR WORK ETHICS*. I will be making this information known TRUST ME!!

I LOVE CUSTOMER SERVICE -Thanks a Bunch Darnita

Angie Spuches

Reservations Specialists

Thank you so much for helping us get booked. You have gone above and beyond to help my team.

Janelle Brown

Team Block Coordinator

Thank you so much! You (Allyson) and Janelle are fantastic! I really appreciate all your help and diligence in this matter. Your hard work has made my day.

Brynn Brasington

Reservations Specialists

Brynn, You have been the best person I’ve ever had to deal with for trailhead stay to play tourneys.  … I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts. -Karen Tengwall

``Hi Allyson, Thank you!! I just wanted to let you know you are the best housing company we work with!! You communicate and actually respond to phone calls and emails! Working with Global JBS is the best!`` -Kleo